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@lonelys0ul~ I dunno why people lie… No matter big or small, or what the lie was covering, a lie is a lie straight up. Honesty to me establishes trust, and respect for a person. Lying breaks trust, and makes me lose respect for them.


I have no idea how to reply, so I’ll reblog this.

Just wanted to say that I feel ya. It’s hard to tolerate liars and it hurts being lied to. Why do people do it? To make themselves feel better? Because they’re afraid of the truth? They want to impress someone? It’s so stupid. What’s the point of lying? It hurts everybody and especially hurts when you’re the one being lied to…


Seriously. It’s like I have a tattoo on my forehead that says “LIE TO ME”. Honestly, I haven’t ever met a girl yet who hasn’t lied to my face before. They eventually lie about some shit, and then I find out about it, and I’m just like… -_____- *sigh* It’s disheartening. </3

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