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Will you provide a place where we can see the items for sale? asked by Anonymous

There’s a lot of pieces I have for sale, and being quite busy, I don’t have enough time to take pictures of them all. You’re more than welcome to email me, or message me off anon, and I can send you a list of the items I have available for sale, and if you’re interested in certain pieces, I can take pictures of them for you. Just let me know. Thanks.

I need to make some space. There’s a lot that I don’t even wear. Mostly Supreme, Diamond Supply Co, Huf, Stussy, BAPE, NIKE, and a few Givenchy pieces. Sizes S-M, 9-9.5, mostly DS-VNDS. Serious inquiries only please. Must be PayPal ready. Details on pieces & prices will be discussed strictly via email.

"Make money like Oprah.
Gettin’ head on the sofa.”

Dom Kennedy - “My Type of Party”

déjà vu

Sometimes it feels like it’s fate… Destiny. But is it really?

Saint Laurent zippers 🔪 Louboutin spikes
I think I saw a video of you in a sneaker event. Recognized your brand. Not from hi but it seems like everyone up there is into sneaks. crazy. asked by Anonymous

Word? Link me please.

Gintare Sudziute by David Benoliel

Watching Samurai Champloo on Netflix from beginning to end. brb.