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I'm not sure what type of response I will get. And the reason I wanted to reach out to you, is simply because I actually want to truly express myself with your consent. Do you have an email, somewhere I can reach? I'd really appreciate it. asked by Anonymous

I’m not sure what this is about… But if you want to speak with me privately, you’re more than welcome to message me off anon, and let me know. Or you could message me through fan mail as well.

RAF SIMONS S/S 2013 holographic space sneakers
gotta summon the power of a spirit bomb bruh 😂 lol


ESTA. - “Luna”


Common courtesy should be common sense.

"Yellow Lamborghini." - Chris Brown

This ain’t Fatboy Slim either.

the sampled song to Madlib’s - “Slim’s Return”

Gene Harris & The Three Sounds - “Book of Slim”